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Inches to cm conversion

How to convert inches to cm? Convert inches to cms (in to centimeters) with the online inch to cm calculator!

Convert inch into cm with our easy to use automated inches to centimeters conversion tool! Or check quickly the inches to cm chart table with most used numbers. These are all inch cm conversion tools we have for you:

  • Inch to cm calculator
  • Cm vs inches (inch wiki)
  • Formula conversion inch cm
  • Inches conversion chart (Download PDF!)

Convert inches to cm
Enter the number of inches and click ‘calculatie’ button
The result of the sum (inch cm) follows immediately!

Tip; Calculate back and convert Cm to Inches>>

Inch vs cm (Inch Wiki)
1 inch = 2.54 centimeter
1 cm =  0.393700787 inches
cm = centimeter
Inch symbol = ″
in = inch

Conversion formula inch cm

Inches to centimeters formula;

inch / 2.54 = centimeters


——————– = cm

You can also easy convert Cm to Inches>>

Inches to cm conversion chart
Beside the inch to cm calculator you can also use this quick inches to cm chart;


Download inch to cm table now for free >>PDF Download<< (for your own use on PC in Cloud and share it with friends!)

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